24 May 2006


Crumbs! Having just been referred to as a "political blogger" - admittedly by someone with a finely developed sense of irony - the buzz front page is mostly about shagging fictional characters and not really much to do with politics at all.

Having been one of the ubernerds to have run a blog, for, cripes, more than two-and-a-half years, there are some political bits, in there. Really. Okay so its really more like finding the dried banana bits in a bowl of Uncle Toby's muesli. (Slightly squishy and not really rewarding). Here's some quick links, if you like that kind of thing. Why Miranda Divine should have paid more attention to her Nanna before bagging the Kyoto protocol. How come people are chucking stuff at the coppers in Macquarie Fields? Does Amanda Vanstone have spin doctors with veins of ice? Why Louise Barry is my hero. And also the first entry if you type "biggest cojones" into google. A couple of posts on workchoices and some aussie paranoia, which isn't very funny. And something way back on depleted Uranium which is decidedly un-funny.

For any new readers out there, skip the boring ol' political stuff and go straight to Aunty B tackles the fleas, which is a bit funny. And has handy parasite facts. Or how Germaine Greer sullied my good name infront of a new flatmate.


J said...

ooh that Germaine story is bad! Mind you, I think you are still nowhere near the Enmore housemates you had with their large cupboard of butt-bustin' German porn which slid out (so to speak) when you were helping them move the furniture...

BSharp said...

Oh yeah, porno in the telly room. Really you just don't want to ever want to know that much about your housies.