30 November 2004


My old flat mate's step dad, has had a book published. Its called Ghost Writer and its by J. Harwood. I intend to check it out.

The 'laide is still there. I must say the pubs are definitely improving and they're cleaning up some of those old sandstone building a treat. Lovely place to visit.

Shout out to my bratty old mates and their portagaffs, fitness habits, and children's fantasy film doubles. T-man why didn't you say the local art house was screening *Labyrinth* (as well as dark crystal)?? Ooh David Bowie in tight vinyl. Damn.

I have lots of mozzie bites.

I think maybe that its not such a hot idea to take clear fell fromheritage forests , and use the leftover bits for electricity. Macadamia shells on the other hand, bonza. I have no other news.

24 November 2004


Swarm of bees attacks rescuers at crash

"Emergency crews suffered multiple bee stings when they were attacked by a swarm of bees at the scene of a fatal honey truck accident on the Golden Highway near Dubbo.
A 66-year-old Dubbo man died when his truck, laden with beehives and wax, crashed into the back of a semi-trailer near Dubbo at 7pm (AEDT) yesterday, a NSW police spokesman said."

Woman pelts police with pickled kittens

A New Zealand woman who was furious about police taking her three preserved snakes stormed into the Hamilton station and threw a jar of pickled kittens at the counter. Susan Hoskyn, 39, said she was so mad she could barely contain herself as she made her way to the central North Island police station about 1pm on Sunday. "I walked in the door and said 'You've taken my snakes - here, have my pussy as well', and slammed the jar on to the counter'.

19 November 2004

Zombie Language

I hope this guy has credited our Don Watson for what looks like a direct interpretation of last year's book "Death Sentence - Decay of the Public Language".

English journo John Humphrys' book laments the growth of "cliched, dumbed-down, inflated and bogus management-speak" which he says now passes for English. In particular he criticises political leaders for being sucked into using meaningless phrases and hackneyed mantras to disguise policies or protect themselves from accountability. Its called "Lost for Words".

By the way - Don has released a follow up "Dictionary of Weasel Words" to help aussies spot and send up this rubbish. In all good bookstores now.

Credit for link: The Null Device

18 November 2004

Free hugs

Hey - I saw people offering free hugs in Pitt St mall today! I thought they were just a figment of Dr D's... a hook created to hang a one liner off.. . But there really were about 3 people holding carboard signs that said free hugs.

Of course, I took a wide berth around them, being concerned that a complete stranger would lunge in for an un-invited full body contact if I got too close. So I sadly remain ignorant of their point. World peace, I would image. I suppose there are worse things. Tell me more if you know what this is about.

16 November 2004

Dance the Dance

Well i'll be gosh darned , those purty boys from BIT BY BATS have gorn and got them selves a real proper web site. Looks like them's playing in the big smoke in December too. Check it. They've got a wacky instrument called a Theremin, film fans.
In the best news all week

They've found the lost city of Atlantis. Of course, there's a website with photos.

1 November 2004

In the news

The Queen urged Tony Blair to take more action on global warming. I kid you not. Apparently she's worried that the weather at Balmoral has gone a bit funny...

by the way, Russa ratified the Protocol. This means the Kyoto Protocol will be legally binding for 55 developed nations responsible for 55% of global emissions in around 60 days. It means signatories can trade off the good things they do to reduce emissions, and make money from being green. Most European countries have targets of a couple of per cent below their 1990 emissions levels. Australia negotiatied 8% above ours.

Oh, what's that, we aren't ratifying? So, Australian companies can't like, gain extra income from things like tree planting and renewable energy? But we're going to meet our targets for environmental reasons like, er, likely complete destruction of the Barrier Reef? But we don't .. want... to ... endager.. australian indsutries that trade with developing.. countries... with no .. binding.. targets.. like Aluminium exports.. or ... er.. coal... or something.... Oh, right and who's STOOPID idea was that then? Oh that's right. The election. Bugger it.