1 November 2004

In the news

The Queen urged Tony Blair to take more action on global warming. I kid you not. Apparently she's worried that the weather at Balmoral has gone a bit funny...

by the way, Russa ratified the Protocol. This means the Kyoto Protocol will be legally binding for 55 developed nations responsible for 55% of global emissions in around 60 days. It means signatories can trade off the good things they do to reduce emissions, and make money from being green. Most European countries have targets of a couple of per cent below their 1990 emissions levels. Australia negotiatied 8% above ours.

Oh, what's that, we aren't ratifying? So, Australian companies can't like, gain extra income from things like tree planting and renewable energy? But we're going to meet our targets for environmental reasons like, er, likely complete destruction of the Barrier Reef? But we don't .. want... to ... endager.. australian indsutries that trade with developing.. countries... with no .. binding.. targets.. like Aluminium exports.. or ... er.. coal... or something.... Oh, right and who's STOOPID idea was that then? Oh that's right. The election. Bugger it.

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