11 October 2005

Australia you´re standing in it

I haven´t sampled much local news in the past 2 months, what with galivanting around and all. We get cable and thanks to cnn now know far too much about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. By the way they had to backpeddle like some kind of downhill cycle race, when it came out that that news about rapes in the super dome, stacks of dead bodies, and rampant crime in flooded areas, was pretty much rumours made up and passed on by scared people.

Anyway, when idly loggin on to the smh from time to time I´ve spotted 2 nasties, the detention and deportation of peace demostrator, Scott Parkin as a security risk, and the recent annoucement of WorkChoices. Shudder. Trade off your holidays and other rights, to have a more risky position, no protection for your salary and no collective power. How are Aussies feeling right now? You alert or alarmed?