20 March 2010

oh look , testing again

Seems i just use this blogger stuff as a generic platform tester for various embeds and codes and stuff. Sorry readers, will try to get back some actual content soon.

6 March 2010

Passive agressive ? Me?

Following on from the teeth-grindingly annoying habit of some of my "friends" of having "greener than thou" rants on my facebook page....

Buzz and Words bring you selections from "Modern Hippie Lexicon".. thank you House of Broken Saints, whoever you are.. love, peace and mungbeans...

Bad Vibes - Someone called you on your bullshit or didn’t give you what you wanted.

Burning Man - A huge art installation in the desert that many hippies have mistaken for a model of Utopian society which they attempt to recreate in their hometowns for the next 51 weeks. Ignoring the fact that everything about it is completely unsustainable.

Ecstatic Dance - Flailing around arhythmically.

Gifting - The act of dumping your useless crap on other people.

Higher Purpose - Unemployment.

Massage Therapy - The best option for income without a higher education.

Universal Love - What you feel when you’re always high.

Universal Truths - The narrow set of beliefs held by your circle of friends.

Visionary - Drug-induced.