23 November 2006

I sea the C

And some Sculptures by the sea. There's a bunch on my flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/bee_sharp/ I'm too lazy to work out how to send them from flickr to blogger, but here's one:

18 November 2006

Miscroscopy nightmares

Maybe I just need to post this image here to try to purge a brand-new neurosis. So a bit of warning.

Here's a good link (for time-wasting): the willfully obtuse blog - now linked in the sidebar for your convenience. Exactly as the name describes, compiled by a lovely bloke in Finland.

Here's a bad link, found on above blog: its electron microscope pictures of the mite things that live in your follicles, especially in your eyelashes if you aren't careful with cleaning your makeup. I really don't recommend clicking this thing. I am having trouble getting this image out of my inner vision - a wormy body with its head jammed into a pore - no exretory organs, just living on your face. I'm now troubled by the idea of these things, even though I know the whole world is a whole soup of microscpic organisms.

Its okay, you'll find your niche

Oh just gorgeous, someone found this site by searching for "preppy people being misjudged". Takes you straight to this post, about observed social heirarchy. I'm sorry preppy person - just hire some foreign dvd's and say you like Conner Oberst or something, you'll be right mate! Glad to see I was several rungs below the top google listing "Why I am no Longer a Christian - My life as a Christian".

12 November 2006

About your face

There are some lovely things about living by yourself and some not-so-lovely parts. Like, for example, when you spend all morning tidying the flat, dancing to Juanes then singing along in bad phonetic Spanish to various Tango classics, enjoying the the sea breeze making the indoors all fresh and breezy, and pretending you're actually in Montevideo. That's nice. Then you go outside with a giant bag full of dirty clothes for the laundromat, and decide to take advantage of a bit of time to ask the hair-dresser across the road how much a half head of foils and a blow dry would cost ($135 in case you're wondering, I live in la-la-land).

Yesterday at about 11 am, the hair dressing girls were sitting around doing nothing, and I was vaguely considering trying to muscle in for an appointment there and then if the price was right. The conversation went a bit like this:

BSharp: Hi, I just wanted to know what you'd charge for a half-head of foils?
Bleached blonde hairdresser: With a cut?
BSharp: No, just a blow dry thanks. (At this point you need to imagine my unwashed and unbushed heavily layered hair that is kind of coiling around my sunnies on one side, and pointing out at right angles on the other)
BBH: So what are you doing with it at the moment, darl? Do you style it often?
BSharp: Er, sometimes, it was actually cut recently. (I hate the way hairdressers always say that. I push on and start to explain my exciting plan for a kind of corporate/punk hairdo)
BBH: Right, well I would do that just a bit at the ends, but then I would blend it up with the top section too, and sweetheart you've got toothpaste on your face.
BSharp (thinking): No, the whole point is to create a line, dammit, you are so not getting it ."What?" (Looks in mirror, rubbing at one side of mouth. Yes I really do.)
BBH: Oh, there on both sides
BSharp: Haha, I guess thats what happens when you're alone all morning. Thanks!
BBH: That's ok, I do it all the time (Lie), I just thought you'd want to know before going outside
BSharp: Yeh, thanks, well I've got to do my laundry now, bye!

Aside from the outrageous price I can clearly never show my face in there again. So I went for an eyebrow wax instead which is cheaper and fulfils the desire to look a bit tidy on return of my peripatetic boyfriend from a four-month work trip. So aside from all those other nice love-nest things, I'm very exciting about having Biz back to tell me if I have two giant white blobs of goo on either side of my smile, before leaving the house each day.

9 November 2006

7 November 2006

Crappy day

Happy Melbourne Cup day, Aussies. It also seems the stars are aligning to crank up the cranky factor today. Meri Risa has put her finger right on the mark by naming it National Enforced Gambling Day.* Nice post there. You are so right about our bullying culture for placing a bet. Shudder.

My day so far has been bollocks in a load of little ways.
Tried to call indsutry magazine abou a 400word story - got machine
Tried to call Victorian Minister's office - dur its Melbourne cup day
Tried to book roach control - all full till next week, after Mr B is back
Tried to book hair appointment - Friday is my new girl's day off, no other time
Tried to call primary school volunteer coordinator - can't find freaking diary.

I'm about to give up entirely on today, as it's clearly not working for me, and I won't be able to get any sense out of anyone after 3 PM anyway. But happily Miss J has also just encapsulated a whole world of bullshit. Her litany of the actually useful add-ons to a mobile phone says it all really. Brava!

*Although I have to sneakily confess to having a bit of a soft spot for the break for melbourne cup in Sydney offices, precisely because it is so stullifyingly dumb, that by national consensus we've put aside about an hour to have a champagne, wear a hat made of waste paper and staples, and yell at the TV on paid time. The place I've been in that did it to the most extreme was the big consultancy charging mega-bux per hour. Enforced betting is pretty nyeh though.

4 November 2006

tis the season to be jolly

Or, alternatively, creeped out. In Australia , we start Christmas on November 1. And the city's official overseer of decorations makes sure that all the kiddies get nice, wholesome entertainment in the shop windows.

3 November 2006

A groovy thing is made

Check it out here on the web .. This is posted on behalf of Miss J, as the guardian of the digital image making machine.