24 October 2015


From a new book by DBC Pierre , Lights Out in Wonderland. Too bleak for facebook, which I try to keep positive and for 'sharing nice things'. But man, this nails perfectly some other views I share of humanity. 

I can see too clearly the dark motions of humans in action, and find these predatory and false. [. . ] All I needed to know about human dealings I could've learnt watching nine-year-olds in a playground. Like any monkey we merely vie for each other's mental handles in order to gain invisible control. After this, the process called maturity is simply one of disguise, community life simply an opportunity to learn that God dislikes the poor.

Love, touted as a principal reason to live is just a Velcro of mental detriments which find an antagonist and stick to it. Love is a calcification of spirit. Love is an invitation to death, not life and it's flutters in the heart are as much the knell of an ending as the rattle in a corpse's throat.

magnificent, black hearted basterd your are, DBC.