28 January 2004

Funny ha haMy friend has a comedy gig on Monday Night. Four young guys about to break it big time in the comedy world. Will Anderson is supporting them. Go. Buy a ticket. Send the boys to the Adelaide Fringe. Get them outta town.


27 January 2004

Hey ladiez. The internet nerd team has taken another step in harnessing the potential for new kinds of dialogue open to us in 2004. All credit to the divine Miss J (Sixteen years?! no, surely you miss-counted, miss. Crumbs). We worked out how to do a comments function. Mmm dialogue.

Use it. This means you Missies "open-ocean-protest-commando "and "I'm in London still".

And of course don't feel bound by gender now will you, Greg? Sweet dreams all, Its past Aunty's bedtime.
Melbourne traffic sounds kinda like Varanassi. But despite the traffic this is the most peaceful place. Such a beautiful way to end your life - cast into the flames with you family around you, kids and dogs scampering round and all the river and sunset in the background. What a contrast to the brittle laminex funerals I've been to back home.

I'm in he groove of this place a bit more, learning to roll with the exasperation. However, I would kill for a carrot, a coffee and a clean shirt. Please, no more curry!
Melbourne is a lawless society where sk8ers are a majority group, bike helmets are optional, and the green man offers hesitant advice rather than commanding any orders. Pedestrian crossings and footpaths are vortexs' of chaos best navigated from the fringes - collisions are frequent. But I'm getting used to the odd serenity I feel in the eye of the cbd storm.

When I ventured out to my 12th floor balcony early this morning, the air smelled like rain and coffee... a radical and fresh departure from the weekend's heady odour of gunpowder (Chinese ny, Australia day...) - but I'm not complaining - I had the primo supremo vantage point for watching the Fed Square fireworks - all in the comfort of my public-holiday-Monday-night pyjamas... it doesn't get any better than that.

I spent the w/e sampling a fraction of the gazillion festivals and bars going on here - a bizzare blend of emerging writers, gay pride, beer gardens, dumpling houses, hippy metal and vodka cocktails. At one point I wandered onto Brunswick street unsupervised... and found the Alannah Hill clearance shop - uh-oh! recipe for certain disaster - but an essential survival tool when setting up camp in this town. I also located the Loco Lowriders, a secret underground supermarket mecca, and a fantasy tan studio... so I think everything's gonna be okay ;-) Now all I have to do is find a coffee joint that serves my morning brew in an oldskool paper cup.

So I've had more days off than on so far... but I'm still keeping my eye on the task at hand - getting this net art exhibition together. ACMI is a damn impressive outfit and I'm feeling a little bit rockstar with my "access all areas" security pass - although I'm beginning to regret exorcising all the black from my wardrobe back in the summer of 2001... what was I thinking?! Still, I'm managing to blend into the natural environment in my [one and only] emergency black skivvy, sipping on super strength caffeine and debating the relevance of screen-based net art in the context of the wider new media movement. Bottom line? Everyone loves a bit of 3D ;-)

21 January 2004

And oh yeah, Melbourne.

Land of antique toyshop-come-cabaret bars, friendly attentive cafe staff; large meal servings; getting confused when public transport drops you in the middle of the road; earnest people who quiz you on emissions trading when you're out socially (okay, so I admit I have a truly fascinating job); kooky post-modern State museum curation (dig it, I know an arts word); one small, wired-up toddler that was smarter than me, and one large chain-smoking writer with a yen for the meaningful conversation.

Go Melbourne, you rock.
Night of Nights

Check out the shortlist for The Bloggie. Hours of fun. Watch out, page takes a while to download.

John Howard's Diary makes the cut. Nice.

15 January 2004

Welcome to Melbourne!

I really like this town. Ah remembering what its like to be totally on holidays, stop in shoe stores for as long or a little as I like, or to veg, to make a big trek with map, public transport guide and water bottle in hand. And all so easy because I'm an Aussie!

Huzzah. Hello little bourke street, i'm in a good mood.

9 January 2004

Care of the divine Miss J who is currently navigating the labyrinthine maze of blog-world admin....

Now we all know a more realistic way to spend the fee for that abominable course..

-$20 - top at the Glebe markets (really it looks like a brand name, and I don't have a linen-rayon cowl kehole halter neck in shot puce with electrical tape piping, so really I have to get it. How could I not?)
- $3 - some chemist sale bin dodgy nail polish in regrettable colour (maybe this is the year I will wear tangerine.)
- $13 - urbane breakfast to wallow in hangover and tell dirty stories with friends
- $18 - 3 cocktails at the Bank in happy hour on a Monday night (guaranteed to temporarily rescue me from the rising sense of horror at the prospect of another 4 days of work)
- $8 - organic vegetables to detox your life and make your shopping become material manifestation of principles etc (plus perv on possible food co-op eye candy, if there ever turns out to be such a thing)
- $11 - random unplanned candle or incense purchase to feng shui life and hide dirty sock smell transforming bedroom to plush bordello
- $60 - random unplanned CD or book purchase (but I have been meaning to buy/read these)
- $10 - video shop late fees for Johnny Depp tear jerker, Intro to Pilates & Spanish arthouse film (I beleive in immersion with language and really who can set aside all those Thursday nights to go to a course? This way I can learn and be on the couch and text friends and do my knitting) vids
- $85.25 - not sure - just disappeared from purse that night (did I really drink it? I wasn't even meant to go out, it was Friday, I was going to go home, call my mum back and file the pile of papers on and near and
behind my desk)

What's that? It doesn't add up to $137? yeah well, put it on VISA.

Welcome to our lives.

8 January 2004

Well bugger me

Look what my bestest buddy found on the WEA website. (That stands for Workers Educational Association if you're an American)

'Life in the Single Lane: Successful and Sassy'
7.30 - 9.30 Mondays, 8 week starting Feb 2
Course Number 41GN141
WEA www.weasydney.nsw.edu.au

It's especially for chicks (well d'uh).

And we note it doesn't mention gin, novelty sex aids or Elvis movies at all in the
blurb, but does sound like there will be lots of talking about breakups. shudder.

Makes me wonder... what WEA courses could you run?

"Attitude at Work - all talk no trousers"
3.30- 5.30pm Tuesdays, 6 weeks.

Aunty B explains all the background to the subtle art of appearing eternally busy on important and incomprehensible projects, so that colleagues are too scared to approach you for anything new. Learn invaluable skills like the "exasperated sigh" and the "armful of urgent proofs for the printers". At the end of the course you'll be able to use phrases like "But you'll need a whole strategy to back this up! Look I'll have to get back to you in two weeks".

More urban survival skills courses to come...

"Totally ambiguous relationships - make SMS work for you!"

"Where the hell are we? - the ancient eastern European art of drinking white spirits until 3am"

"Find the inner John Travolta - how to become the centre of attention on any nightclub dancefloor" (No former dance training required)

"The art of the T-bar - sculpt the wedge of G-string showing above your pants, based on Japanese Ikebana techniques"

"Pash and dash" 3hr workshop Friday 11pm - 2am.

3 January 2004

hot hot hot hot hot in the city. And I have a coldy cold cold cold cold. And I now take the liberty of all blog writers to totally whinge like 6-year-old girl. Noone is in town to hang with, *everyone* is at a wedding in some farflung antipodean place. I woke up at five-thirty this morning coughing my guts up and had to get under the shower to be able to breath again, and then only had arty farty french dvd and Elvis video for comfort.. and even my mum is getting sick of me wheezing and whining and sniffling down the phone. And to add insult to injury, the air-con just makes the coughing worse.

And.. hello Miss BettyS! Note: I reckon you need to hit the "publish" button my friend, I keep finding your posts in the arse end of the internet, but not showing on the public bit. Maybe there's some wacky ethernet delay from deepest darkest. But wow, dude, India. Sounds intense. I shall now officially put travelicious on the side bar.

Maybe I shall just become an dedicated armchair traveller and collect travel blogs. Shit, I'm a pretty good armchair-everything else.

1 January 2004


India is manic manic maaaaaanic. I did OK today but this evening is full on hassle city. "you want hash you want woman [no actually I am a woman!] 10 rupees sir please madam kind madam bangles" and that's just in the last 5 minutes.

I may have an "I want to go hoooooooome" moment later this evening.