9 January 2004

Care of the divine Miss J who is currently navigating the labyrinthine maze of blog-world admin....

Now we all know a more realistic way to spend the fee for that abominable course..

-$20 - top at the Glebe markets (really it looks like a brand name, and I don't have a linen-rayon cowl kehole halter neck in shot puce with electrical tape piping, so really I have to get it. How could I not?)
- $3 - some chemist sale bin dodgy nail polish in regrettable colour (maybe this is the year I will wear tangerine.)
- $13 - urbane breakfast to wallow in hangover and tell dirty stories with friends
- $18 - 3 cocktails at the Bank in happy hour on a Monday night (guaranteed to temporarily rescue me from the rising sense of horror at the prospect of another 4 days of work)
- $8 - organic vegetables to detox your life and make your shopping become material manifestation of principles etc (plus perv on possible food co-op eye candy, if there ever turns out to be such a thing)
- $11 - random unplanned candle or incense purchase to feng shui life and hide dirty sock smell transforming bedroom to plush bordello
- $60 - random unplanned CD or book purchase (but I have been meaning to buy/read these)
- $10 - video shop late fees for Johnny Depp tear jerker, Intro to Pilates & Spanish arthouse film (I beleive in immersion with language and really who can set aside all those Thursday nights to go to a course? This way I can learn and be on the couch and text friends and do my knitting) vids
- $85.25 - not sure - just disappeared from purse that night (did I really drink it? I wasn't even meant to go out, it was Friday, I was going to go home, call my mum back and file the pile of papers on and near and
behind my desk)

What's that? It doesn't add up to $137? yeah well, put it on VISA.

Welcome to our lives.

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