3 January 2004

hot hot hot hot hot in the city. And I have a coldy cold cold cold cold. And I now take the liberty of all blog writers to totally whinge like 6-year-old girl. Noone is in town to hang with, *everyone* is at a wedding in some farflung antipodean place. I woke up at five-thirty this morning coughing my guts up and had to get under the shower to be able to breath again, and then only had arty farty french dvd and Elvis video for comfort.. and even my mum is getting sick of me wheezing and whining and sniffling down the phone. And to add insult to injury, the air-con just makes the coughing worse.

And.. hello Miss BettyS! Note: I reckon you need to hit the "publish" button my friend, I keep finding your posts in the arse end of the internet, but not showing on the public bit. Maybe there's some wacky ethernet delay from deepest darkest. But wow, dude, India. Sounds intense. I shall now officially put travelicious on the side bar.

Maybe I shall just become an dedicated armchair traveller and collect travel blogs. Shit, I'm a pretty good armchair-everything else.

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