14 April 2009

.. just don't know what to do with yourself.. ?

My mate's husband has just launched a new central directory for community-based activities, from painting to bushwalking, language classes and harmonica.

It looks like its got a powerful search engine, and its missions is to stop people being couch potatoes. Hence... no spuds. Miss J. Miss A, looks like right up your alley(s)!

8 April 2009

Zine./ art links

This is for Miss j.

Printed matter. A shop in NY specialising in books by artists, looks like they have an on-line catalogue

Nieves. A swiss artist who exhibits cheaply-made hand drawn zines.


7 April 2009

What I've been doing

  • Scrabble.
  • Watching "Che Part 1" in the original Spanish with only Dutch subtitles. Hard core, huh? Picked up less than 50% of the dialogue but it makes you pay attention to body language and cinematography.
  • Growing seedlings on the window sill. Watch those little babies go, now that day time temp has rocketed from 6 degrees to 16 in the space of 3 weeks.
  • Taking a new resident to Amsterdam bike riding around town
  • Seeing Kirsta and 3-month-old Max.
  • Talking to old mates on skype.
  • Case study and report writing and other arcane measures to create new work.
  • Avoiding red wine because apparently it makes tinnitus worse.
  • Worrying about climate change.
  • Worrying about the economic down turn and thinking it might be time to get a real job.