29 May 2007

Starry skies

Well the support from the Astronomy sector for the big move keeps on coming.. Mystic medusa says:
You're so open-minded at any rate, the whole world knows it and yet now you are ideally entertaining a new degree of flexibility re where you live or conduct business. Something is shifting, if only your fantasies or business plan.

Phew. Not fighting the planetary alignments on that one hopefully. Anyway, kats and kittens, sorry if I've been terribly vague this last week or so. The forecast says that is set to continue. I shall be flying my Southern arse down to de-laide this weekend for a fleeting goodbye to the folks. (And dump more stuff at their house, ah how they love having a 30-something teenager in the family!)

Hang in there, with only sporadic buzz. I'd love to give you all more stories of interesting things, and things that are going on outside the brain-pan of my endlessly fascinating self, but sorry, there's just too much fretting on the forward plan to post interesting critiques and articles, etc. If you're into that kind of thing, there's some stuff from back in 2004, or 2005 that you might like.

25 May 2007

Change of plans

So clearly, we didn't all go to see the pirates movie this week. Angel, I hope you got my text where I hopelessly bailed on the whole thing because I'm working regular days but with 3.5 hours commuting in them. I'm going through what miss J did a year ago - ouch now I understand the brain-fade phenomena of having all your mental capacity sucked up by the feat of travelling hundreds of kilometres each day.*

And I've even been too mashed to write up our amazing farewell to mr b - which involved city drinks, pirate costumes, an overcrowded karaoke room, and many renditions of songs that really should not be sung from table tops after mid night, from yours truly. Oh dear, that frustrated musical theatre performer inside that has been neglected since yr 11 got a full airing last week. Hope you all enjoyed.

* one week down, only 5 to go.

13 May 2007

Coming Soon

It's actually Thursday. MAY 24 in Australia.

Who's in? The lovely Miss Fifi L'amour will be in China when this is on, so we won't have her customary yelping at the opening scene, but nevertheless... The George St website is listing 6pm and 9.30 so far, but I imagine there will be more on the night, surely.

7 May 2007

Magic number

Somehow, I've managed to post 8 times a month for the last 4 months. Its not on purpose, even for my hyper-categorising brain. I wanted to break out of the pattern last month, but didn't manage to.

So on the whole moving-to-Europe front... Bizzo has started loading the place up with half-filled boxes as he leaves a lot sooner than me. Like, in 2 weeks, sooner. All my RL friends - you should have an email waiting about dates and stuff.

I am very soon going to transfer my mental to-do list into some kind of real action as I think that mad gleam in my eyes is starting to get distressing for clients. It's that gleam you get when you're thinking - "oh my god I've got to do tax/bills/get rid of furniture/shut the electricity off/update my cv/feed myself/see my Mum/throw out more stuff/get on a plane to the otherside of the world/etc." Everyone gets that don't they.. Oh not you? Oh I guess its just me then.

Anyway, last week Astrobarry said "in short, this is your best year all decade to move beyond your limited conceptions of what outer-world achievements are possible or desirable for you… " So I'm just hanging on to that.

More to come.