7 May 2007

Magic number

Somehow, I've managed to post 8 times a month for the last 4 months. Its not on purpose, even for my hyper-categorising brain. I wanted to break out of the pattern last month, but didn't manage to.

So on the whole moving-to-Europe front... Bizzo has started loading the place up with half-filled boxes as he leaves a lot sooner than me. Like, in 2 weeks, sooner. All my RL friends - you should have an email waiting about dates and stuff.

I am very soon going to transfer my mental to-do list into some kind of real action as I think that mad gleam in my eyes is starting to get distressing for clients. It's that gleam you get when you're thinking - "oh my god I've got to do tax/bills/get rid of furniture/shut the electricity off/update my cv/feed myself/see my Mum/throw out more stuff/get on a plane to the otherside of the world/etc." Everyone gets that don't they.. Oh not you? Oh I guess its just me then.

Anyway, last week Astrobarry said "in short, this is your best year all decade to move beyond your limited conceptions of what outer-world achievements are possible or desirable for you… " So I'm just hanging on to that.

More to come.

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