23 April 2007


I'd officially like to invite readers to comment whenever they feel so inclined over here. There's even a couple of ladies who can post, who are most welcome to still, although I know these things can get a bit mono-loguey. Don't feel it has to be on topic. Here's some helpful examples:

"Hey B, did you ever get to the hairdresser to have those foils?" A: no, I really need a haircut now, can anyone recommend someone who can do it for less that the price of an opera ticket?

"Aunty B, what do you think of the relationship between Jean Paul Sartre and Simone DeBeauviour?" Well it seemed little fucked up with the sexual competition, and the way they used young women almost as intermediaries, but living in hotels to avoid domestic labor divisions by gender was classy. Way classy.

"Sharpie, we've heard rumours about your beau and some overseas job, and what the hell is going on over there?"
Oh, yeah , did I not mention that? I'm moving to Amsterdam. In a couple of months. More on that later, dear reader. Brace your selves for a lengthy angsty account of the packing, preparing, moving, and living in a city that is slowing sinking into the sea. And perhaps the start of the clog blog. Ah-hahahaaha.

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J said...

When I get my act together to post on my own blog regualrly again I will defintely pop over and leave thinking crumbs at yours too. As fer yer questions:
1. No I can't recommend anywhere as its been yonks since I bothered, but Miss A seems to quite like a few of these Glebeside establishments
2. Really? Cool. I want to live in a hotel (as long as I could have pot plants and a little balcony)
3. Yaaaah! Congrats, a million congrats. You so rock and it will be an exciting adventure. (I know I've told you in RL, but hadn't yet in non-RL so there) xx