22 April 2007

Stormy weather

There is the most awesome storm thundering over my place at the moment. I walked into the kitchen as there was an impressive lightning flash that lit up the whole room like a horror film, and then a magnificent clap of thunder. The rain is now lashing the windows and it's just like being inside the captain's cabin on a pirate ship .. .well that's what I like to imagine anyway (erhem). And just now I put on a self-heating wild peach and cranberry and face mask which is making for a very strange mix of sensations let me tell you. Oh yeah, I've been home alone all afternoon working, how did you guess?

But really the lightning is like something else, it's making the room go white even though the lights are on. Sadly from the weather radar it looks like all the action is on the coast, and none out at our very dry drinking-water-gathering areas.

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meririsa said...

I believe there is some news? Yes?!