27 October 2004

Has anyone else noticed that the name of one of those accused of rape on Piticairn Island is Randy Christian?

24 October 2004

Wonders of the industrial world.

Just spent the whole day with the small crew of fabric engineers. Turning flat surfaces into 3-dimensional ones. An art requiring a detailed understanding of multi-dimensional physics, maths, intense concentration and artistic flair. And all mastery that your Nanna (or her nanna) probably aquired by the age of 19. Who says girls minds don't visualise shapes through 3-dimensions that well?

Then watched the Da vinci show. I mean, clever and all - but he didn't seem to actually construct much, did he?

23 October 2004


.. I thought this blog would probably be music -heavy, with the occasional joke thrown in about human foibles (in the big bad city). You know, kind of hyper-cynical but knowing and cool, and sometimes thought provoking. Snuh; well - me and my one million buddies at www.IM.shithot.com.au/great_taste

As an aside, one Bsharp (intrepid girl scientist and pyschonaut) has discovered that the aural and visual and physical and cerebral, while complementary, do tend to compete for one's attention. So when there is good musica and, ahem, life, to be appreciated, blog goes all quiet. Funny that. But just for old times sake...

Listening to - Nicholas of the Cave has a new double album out. (The Lyre of Orpheus and Abbatoir Blues). Given it 3 or 4 spins, but can't report much as I haven't felt like I've worn it in yet. The great thing about St Nick albums is that they're like leather jackets, kind of comforting and heavy and nicely moulded. Will provide an update if I feel like its when I've got more comfy in it.

Saw Royal Crown Review (again) and Cat Empire (again) . Both great fun, musically tight as a very tight thing, and swingin'. Both with enthusiastic and devoted fans (love that in a gig). But sadly, a bit like a juke box on both accounts. Delivered what was expected and expertly. It would be nice to hear a new RCR album, without wanting to be harsh at times they sound like they're covering themselves. The kebab afterward was pretty awesome though.. I reckon they add some secret magic ingredient after midnight to those things.

Now of course have sore eardrums and must be careful with my shell-likes.

Bargin bin impulse buy : Best of Sinead O'Connor. I hearby admit to a love of the whirly synthy self-conscious nineties joy of the Emperor's New Clothes. ".. how could I possibly know what I want when I was on-ly 21". Yeh, go Sinead.

10 October 2004

Things I really don't like

Unquestioned conservatism. Nationalised fear. Lack of analysis. Status quo. Gloating. Power trips. Careerist politics. Unenlightened self interest. Protectionism. Sound bites. Pretending. Doublethink. Squandered opportunity for Australia to be the most enlightened paradise island on gaia's green earth.

9 October 2004


Well, I'm off to vote. Might have a bit of a sausage for lunch at my local primary school too. Aside: are there any other countries in the world where an election day fete is such a common occurence? I thinks its lovely - go make your choice on governance and help out with the local kiddies facilities too..

Always a bit of the old cognitative dissonance at election time. Fundamentally, my life is awesome. Free, rich, comfortable, dignified, wide open with choice, mostly equal gender-wise, and shared with quite a few people I like thank you very much - you know who who all are - only pity about the distances in this wide brown land, but luckily I can afford plane fares.

But however fundamentally unsatisfied at how the national 'hood has been run for the last few years.

How can this be? Is it the cult of personality that is seeping through the web of supposedly universal sufferage? Is it the isolationism (did I just make that word up..) that perhaps was doomed to swamp an island nation afer a couple of hundred years? Is it the sneaking uncomfortable suspiscion that just maybe not everyone has it as easy as me, and that there is a web of invisible forces keeping those without without and those with with..? Perhaps its the nasty creeping virus of thinking that governments should act like groups of individuals that make product.* Is it maybe the soundbite, slogan, and strobe of visual grabs that pass for public discourse? (oh shit, I just used the word discourse on a blog - time to wrap it up).

Okay. Best outcome for tonight for me - that the house ends up a dog's breakfast, full of random independents, and Labor has to form a coalition with the Greens to from government. That the senate is so all over the shop that these big kids who have forgotten why they wanted to be there in the first place, actually have to listen to each other and try to find a way to work around their differences to get any laws passed, rather than snuggling down into comfortable bunkers of entrenched positions of "who has the numbers".

Ahhh - free speech- it feels gooooood.

* bzzzt. wrong wrong wrong. Governments serve the people, companies serve to the people - subtle but important difference, John, Bob, Michael, Steve.

1 October 2004

Things I like

A good ole standby to shake-off the cobwebs of apparently cranky-pants millieu..

Polski orgorki pickles. My cordless keyboard. Maps. Travel itineraries. The moment when old blokes realise you know more than they assumed. Warm Sunshine before 9am. Warm evenings. My warm boyfriend. Old fashioned photos developed from film. Fresh linen and recently vacuumed floorboards. Running into ancient uni dudes on King St. Holdiays. Dancing. Mohawks. Tatoos. Christmas Turkey. Johnny Depp. Writing sentimental rubbish like a 14-year-old and just not caring. Not having to ever talk to a real 14-year old. Seasame balls at yum cha. Little Melbourne bars. Coming inside from the rain. Finding a great new band. Getting tatooed. Shoes. All of them. Reading a really good idea. Compulsary voting. The internet. Being a grown up.

Feel free to post yours......