23 October 2004


.. I thought this blog would probably be music -heavy, with the occasional joke thrown in about human foibles (in the big bad city). You know, kind of hyper-cynical but knowing and cool, and sometimes thought provoking. Snuh; well - me and my one million buddies at www.IM.shithot.com.au/great_taste

As an aside, one Bsharp (intrepid girl scientist and pyschonaut) has discovered that the aural and visual and physical and cerebral, while complementary, do tend to compete for one's attention. So when there is good musica and, ahem, life, to be appreciated, blog goes all quiet. Funny that. But just for old times sake...

Listening to - Nicholas of the Cave has a new double album out. (The Lyre of Orpheus and Abbatoir Blues). Given it 3 or 4 spins, but can't report much as I haven't felt like I've worn it in yet. The great thing about St Nick albums is that they're like leather jackets, kind of comforting and heavy and nicely moulded. Will provide an update if I feel like its when I've got more comfy in it.

Saw Royal Crown Review (again) and Cat Empire (again) . Both great fun, musically tight as a very tight thing, and swingin'. Both with enthusiastic and devoted fans (love that in a gig). But sadly, a bit like a juke box on both accounts. Delivered what was expected and expertly. It would be nice to hear a new RCR album, without wanting to be harsh at times they sound like they're covering themselves. The kebab afterward was pretty awesome though.. I reckon they add some secret magic ingredient after midnight to those things.

Now of course have sore eardrums and must be careful with my shell-likes.

Bargin bin impulse buy : Best of Sinead O'Connor. I hearby admit to a love of the whirly synthy self-conscious nineties joy of the Emperor's New Clothes. ".. how could I possibly know what I want when I was on-ly 21". Yeh, go Sinead.

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