1 October 2004

Things I like

A good ole standby to shake-off the cobwebs of apparently cranky-pants millieu..

Polski orgorki pickles. My cordless keyboard. Maps. Travel itineraries. The moment when old blokes realise you know more than they assumed. Warm Sunshine before 9am. Warm evenings. My warm boyfriend. Old fashioned photos developed from film. Fresh linen and recently vacuumed floorboards. Running into ancient uni dudes on King St. Holdiays. Dancing. Mohawks. Tatoos. Christmas Turkey. Johnny Depp. Writing sentimental rubbish like a 14-year-old and just not caring. Not having to ever talk to a real 14-year old. Seasame balls at yum cha. Little Melbourne bars. Coming inside from the rain. Finding a great new band. Getting tatooed. Shoes. All of them. Reading a really good idea. Compulsary voting. The internet. Being a grown up.

Feel free to post yours......

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