18 January 2015

Travel wish list 2015

Places and experienced I would put on a list of world destinations for the next ten years.

Petra, Jordan

A trading city founded a couple of centuries, BC by Nabateans. Seen on 'Human Planet'. They did extensive water engineering. Pictures from this blog.

Ethiopian carved churches - Lalibela

Three stories high, and built as an alternative Jerusalem. 900 years old. As seen in Daily Mail.

Mongolian Ger (Yurt)

Inspired by reading Tim Cope's on the Trail of Ghengis Khan where he travels across Mongolia and Russia on horseback. Photo from this tourism company.

Nunavut, Canada

Ok I might never get to this one, really. But I heard about it many years ago helping to tell the stories of WWF Climate Witness program. It's in the Arctic circle and they do dogsledding and stuff up there. Photo from Nunavut tourism.

Iceland and Norway

One day. Photo from Black Tomato guide to Iceland. Driving over from Netherland germany over the road bridge via Denmark always seemed like fun.

Cycling Loire Valley France

Looks pretty easy to do independently via a train from Paris and hire bikes.  Photo from cycling-loire.com

The cooler climate in many of these may be influenced by the hot sticky weather in Sydney this last week, 18 Jan 2015.

25 September 2011

Ear Worms

Hi bloggers, Do you get phrases, lyrics and snippts of conversation stuck in your brain going round and round like a record while you process your actual experiences? I do. Here's some - all from memory and playing the CD so apologies for any misquoting.

Now the world can be an unfair place at times
But your lows will have their complement of highs
And if anyone should cheat you, take advantage of you or beat you
Raise your hand and wear your wounds with pride

You must stick up for yourself son, never mind what anybody else done  

Yeasayer, "Ambling Alp" - first heard played at Splendour in the Grass, on a Sunny mid-afternoon. Takes me back there every time I hear it

"For every pot, there is a lid"  
Russian Proverb, quoted by my hairdresser Natasha.

My therapist said/ not to see you no more
She said you're like a disease/ without any cure
She said I'm so obsessed that I'm becoming a bore, oh no
I think you're so pretty - oh - eh- oh

Moved out the house/ saw you moved next door
I locked you out/ you cut a hole in the wall
I found you sleeping next to me/ I thought I was alone
You're driving me crazy / when are you coming home

James, mid nineties indie band in their song "Laid"

When you're laying on your death bed and everyone's gathered around to say goodbye, you're never going to think "I wish I spent more time at work."  

My Dad, from his life experience, I gather.

We talk about it all night long
We define our moral ground
And when I fall into your arms
Everything; it comes tumbling down.

Nick Cave, "The Ship Song" - I have had this one on repeat ever since I was about 17 and bought the Good Son album after seeing hime play live at the first national, touring Big Day Out (199-cough-3)

11 September 2011

Merching for my snooze, part 3

It's other people really, isn't it? That's where stories come from. Vistas, nature, monkeys and all aside. Unless the monkey sits up on his hind legs and recites from the Rubyiat there's not a huge amount you can say about him is there?

What I learned today - I don't really *like* bargaining. Probably just cultural upbringing. One is supposed to remain chilled and smiley, but I just don't care about objects and gewgaws enough to try to get 30% off some crumpled old lady.