22 July 2005

biggest cojones of the week

Hats off to Louise Barry, who seized her 15 minutes yesterady with both hands, by asking Prime Minsiter John Howard whether the London bomb attacks were linked to the conflict in Iraq. In fact, asking him , while she was in traction, after an operation on both legs and her spine, caused by the bloody bombs. Note that Louise, described as an "environmental crimes investigator from Port Stephens" by the Sydney Morning Herald, gets only paraphrased, while the PM's retort is covered by over 100 words. In that one breath he manages references "our" Douglas Wood's opinion on the war (that we should be there).

Now gentle readers, do bear in mind that while Douggie undoubtably had a shitty scary experience in Iraq, he was actually there in the first place because of the war - ie. there are construction contracts for, er, profit. Poor old Miss Barry, was just minding her own damn business and nearly got her legs blown off. No great suprise their opinion would be different. Unlike her poor co-recoverer, Gillian Hicks, who did actually get both her legs blown off.

"They both had gone through an awful experience,"

"(Ms Hicks) has of course suffered a double amputation and self evidently I was very moved by the tremendous spirit that she displayed and the sense of optimism and hope that she demonstrated about her life into the future.

"I'm always touched when people who've been through such terrible experiences can have such positive outlooks.

"I think it's a lesson for all of us."

Thank you Prime Minister, you evil little worm. I'll leave you all to dwell on what that lesson might actually be, kiddies.

11 July 2005

unwired my ass

if you are thinking of getting a wireless internet connection in a low-lying plane ridden area of sydney.. don't. And if you are comparing providers - Unwired is totally CRAP. Droppity dropity drop outs are the order of the day. My friend has adsl into the house and then wireless connection to the base station , which is at the wall. Much better, much faster. Just doing my digital duty.

And hey everyone - get tickets for DAVE'S SOLO SHOW. He's well funny. August 1-6 Tap Gallery.

6 July 2005

musica viva

Music is the stuff of life, so here's my memalicious entry for mid week. Blame Betty Sue.

1. Total Number of Records (CD, vinyl, cassette):
I think about 350. Used to count them with a secret smug shame but gave up on that.

2. Total Volume of Music on My Computer:
No freaken idea, being old skool cd queen, the concept of "gigs" as a measure music is just all a bit foreign. I know that Biz has loads and loads and loads as he worships at the temple of limewire. Betty, you'll be pleased to know that a recent addition was all the David Bowie songs in Portuguese from the Life Aquatic soundtrack. Nice.

3. Last Record Purchased:
Oh no! - embarassingly an Arabic top 40 Mix. Its got 2 good tracks at the beginning and sadly the rest is lame. Songs need a really good beat when the only word you can recognise is "habibi".

Can I go the one before? Nick Cave's rarities triple album. But the cd purchasing slowed dramatically upon serious saving for the BIG TRIP. Readers, more on this later, Betty you will have the LED-life-sucking machine sooon... very soon.

4. Last Record Listened to:
Well there's a 5 cd changer in the machine, so there's rarely just one album cued up. I think it was actually Cat Empire's first album. With some loungeroom dancing thrown in. Other recent contenders - Once in a Life Time/Best of Talking Heads, Desmond Dekker

On that note...now that the ipod walks among us I oft hear it said that music has been boiled down to the unit of the song, and the single reigns supreme winner of pop culture wars. But I say NAY, dear readers - the album still speaks. We do not plan to do away with novels and only read our favourite pages, do we? So if you want to communicate with say, Thom Yorke then play the whole thing. It will just make more sense.

ipods sound tinny anyway.

5. Five Records/Songs I Listen to or Are Meaningful to Me:
Just five?
The Ship Song - Nick Cave
Ever Fallen in Love - The Buzzcocks
Lock it - Falling Joys
Brown Girl in the Ring - Boney M (my first favourite song, apparently)
Walkin' after Midnight - Patsy Cline
Big Science - Laurie Anderson (the album - because everyone else hates it soo much)
Just like heaven - The Cure (I know, its lamity lame lame)
She's got a girlfriend now - Reel Big Fish
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns and Roses*
Beautiful Freak - The Eels
Unguarded Moment - The Church
There is a light that never goes out - Smiths (but only a joyful shower rendition)

thats' enough.

6. Tags:

Oh I hold back from naming anyone...do the music thing if you're keen, I'll read it coz I'm a nerd. Although i did inadvertently make up a meme about housemates, if anyone's in the mood..

7. What albums are on your wish list? (sneaky extra criteria added ..hint hint.. anyone have electronic versions handy?) New White Stripes; New Eels; Like Version - Triple J; New Cat Empire

*Only kidding, just testing if you were still awake