29 May 2007

Starry skies

Well the support from the Astronomy sector for the big move keeps on coming.. Mystic medusa says:
You're so open-minded at any rate, the whole world knows it and yet now you are ideally entertaining a new degree of flexibility re where you live or conduct business. Something is shifting, if only your fantasies or business plan.

Phew. Not fighting the planetary alignments on that one hopefully. Anyway, kats and kittens, sorry if I've been terribly vague this last week or so. The forecast says that is set to continue. I shall be flying my Southern arse down to de-laide this weekend for a fleeting goodbye to the folks. (And dump more stuff at their house, ah how they love having a 30-something teenager in the family!)

Hang in there, with only sporadic buzz. I'd love to give you all more stories of interesting things, and things that are going on outside the brain-pan of my endlessly fascinating self, but sorry, there's just too much fretting on the forward plan to post interesting critiques and articles, etc. If you're into that kind of thing, there's some stuff from back in 2004, or 2005 that you might like.


Bianca Nogrady said...

Where would we be without parents with big basements? happy packing ... blerk!

Anonymous said...

So when are you moving yourself over here to Europe? I will be popping into Amsterdam in mid June (17th to be precise!) - so might be able to catch up and say hi (...and welcome to the other end of the world)...cheers Rebecca

BSharp said...

Hey cool. Hi sibbers! Not till July 11 I'm afraid. But so close... I'm planning on some time off so will get in touch. (sorry not a big fan of email on the blog, I'm sure someone will be able to get me yours..)