25 May 2007

Change of plans

So clearly, we didn't all go to see the pirates movie this week. Angel, I hope you got my text where I hopelessly bailed on the whole thing because I'm working regular days but with 3.5 hours commuting in them. I'm going through what miss J did a year ago - ouch now I understand the brain-fade phenomena of having all your mental capacity sucked up by the feat of travelling hundreds of kilometres each day.*

And I've even been too mashed to write up our amazing farewell to mr b - which involved city drinks, pirate costumes, an overcrowded karaoke room, and many renditions of songs that really should not be sung from table tops after mid night, from yours truly. Oh dear, that frustrated musical theatre performer inside that has been neglected since yr 11 got a full airing last week. Hope you all enjoyed.

* one week down, only 5 to go.

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