18 November 2006

Miscroscopy nightmares

Maybe I just need to post this image here to try to purge a brand-new neurosis. So a bit of warning.

Here's a good link (for time-wasting): the willfully obtuse blog - now linked in the sidebar for your convenience. Exactly as the name describes, compiled by a lovely bloke in Finland.

Here's a bad link, found on above blog: its electron microscope pictures of the mite things that live in your follicles, especially in your eyelashes if you aren't careful with cleaning your makeup. I really don't recommend clicking this thing. I am having trouble getting this image out of my inner vision - a wormy body with its head jammed into a pore - no exretory organs, just living on your face. I'm now troubled by the idea of these things, even though I know the whole world is a whole soup of microscpic organisms.

1 comment:

Betty Sue said...

Wow... I'm an ecosystem!
I'm imagining those little hair follicle creatures going 'INCOMING!' when I pick up the shampoo bottle.