6 March 2010

Passive agressive ? Me?

Following on from the teeth-grindingly annoying habit of some of my "friends" of having "greener than thou" rants on my facebook page....

Buzz and Words bring you selections from "Modern Hippie Lexicon".. thank you House of Broken Saints, whoever you are.. love, peace and mungbeans...

Bad Vibes - Someone called you on your bullshit or didn’t give you what you wanted.

Burning Man - A huge art installation in the desert that many hippies have mistaken for a model of Utopian society which they attempt to recreate in their hometowns for the next 51 weeks. Ignoring the fact that everything about it is completely unsustainable.

Ecstatic Dance - Flailing around arhythmically.

Gifting - The act of dumping your useless crap on other people.

Higher Purpose - Unemployment.

Massage Therapy - The best option for income without a higher education.

Universal Love - What you feel when you’re always high.

Universal Truths - The narrow set of beliefs held by your circle of friends.

Visionary - Drug-induced.


meririsa said...

yes - saw the discussions you referred to, and resent being at the receiving end of such exchanges, even if they are right, and even though I put a fair bit of effort into minimising my enviromental impact.
I find lot of moral superiority can be gained just by comparing myself to my neighbours. e.g. my neighbour has about 10 sq metres of lawn, yet uses a motor mower! Ever heard of a Flymo, mate? it uses NO petrol!! he also uses water sprayer to clean his car and pavement, and NOW he has an inflatable paddling pool, which uses sh*t loads of water! Sheesh!

BSharp said...

Heheh. Hey Miss M, oh, I'm not so worried about those personal action comparisons - I don't reckon you should feel guilty b/c you don't do every little thing to save resource either!

In this case I'm referring to that tendency to form a tribal loyalty to one or two organisations who have a specific manifesto and approach, while thinking other charities who work with different methods (mind you that are stated publicly not hidden or devious) are devil incarnate.

I actually think the criticism/ investigation of a particular group is valid in the overall debate about what are these organisations actually achieving in the wider world. I just also think it's a massive waste of energy having digs at me about it, in semi-public, on my freaking facebook, to the point of being totally counter-productive and just comes across as bitchy and dumb. I'd even have the conversation at the pub, but it's not like these people are making an effort to hang out in person !

So I just just thought that line about "universal truths" was such great satire.