30 November 2004


My old flat mate's step dad, has had a book published. Its called Ghost Writer and its by J. Harwood. I intend to check it out.

The 'laide is still there. I must say the pubs are definitely improving and they're cleaning up some of those old sandstone building a treat. Lovely place to visit.

Shout out to my bratty old mates and their portagaffs, fitness habits, and children's fantasy film doubles. T-man why didn't you say the local art house was screening *Labyrinth* (as well as dark crystal)?? Ooh David Bowie in tight vinyl. Damn.

I have lots of mozzie bites.

I think maybe that its not such a hot idea to take clear fell fromheritage forests , and use the leftover bits for electricity. Macadamia shells on the other hand, bonza. I have no other news.

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