30 May 2006

What to do with $75 in Sydney

  • Go to see Belle and Sebastian at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on June 13
  • Get an hour of massage at Go Vita Leichhardt (inlcuding Reiki) and have $15 dollars change thrown in for pasta and a coffee over the road at Grind.
  • Make a dontation to Practical Action that could buy jute panel walls for 8 flood resistant houses in Bangladesh
  • Buy 30 250ml bottles of regular water at $2.50 each.
  • Buy two C class tickets to the new piece "Directors Cut" by Sydney Dance Company at the opera house. (One for me
  • Take yourself and four friends to see X-men 3 which has nice spacey title graphics with a 3d animation of mutant cells and lots of spiralling DNA. Also very pretty.
  • Buy 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide offsets through climate friendly, and Australian company that invests in renewble energy and energy efficiency.
  • Get entry to the Korean Baths including a skin scrub and facial, with $3 change for a coffee on Darlo Rd.

1 comment:

Betty SUe said...

Cost of knowing you haven't been duped by phoney science? Priceless!