14 May 2006

I think

..Neil Gaiman is a bit of a hottie. Of a certain age and in a certain light, perhaps. And the good news is he's doing several talks at the Sydney Writers Festival, including one with Wil Anderson. I think I shall attend. Anyone? Only 15 bucks.

And while on the topic..is it wrong to think a fictional depiction of a Centaur in Chronicles of Narnia is also a bit of hottie? Only for a brief moment, when a nice healthy-looking one blows some kind medieval trumpet thing on a hilltop, before you realise its only the top half is a be-dredlocked hottie, and the lower half is, er, a horse. I mean I'm not a size queen, or anything creepy like that and I'm definitely not into this whole furry business, and I don't really even like the fantasy genre that much. But boyfriend person is not comfortable with it at all. You know, I'd be completely relaxed if he, fancied, er, Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, or perhaps the green fairy in Moulin Rouge, even though she's just a teeny tiny person who you could actually hold in your hand. I might even invest in an subtly elfy outfit for special occasions. So, what the problem with just a passing comment, like oh, he's cute.? Really. And what about Wolverine? Is that ok? He's really mostly human, just with a metal skeleton. I guess that would be like making love to a twobyfour though. Oh no, this isn't that kind of journal. Honest.


J said...

Oh wolverine! Hello...! I'm with you girl. And let's face it, this is just the most recent in a long line of not-really-very-real hotties. David Bowie in labyrinth? (the sock in the pants makes up for the pointy ears). Just about every vampire in just about every vampire film (yeah ok so living with a blood sucking shift worker could pose logistical issues for a long term thing, but so dam sexy). I'm sure there are other examples. A sexy centaur is a worthy crush recipient. Vegan? Sustainable transport? Pony rides at music festivals as a small business option? So many benefits.

meririsa said...

With you on Wolverine.