12 May 2006

The Scooby Gang

I finally fixed the link to Dave's real website. For months and months I thought he'd stuffed up the code and simply given up on the bloggy-sphere. But no! He's been writing extra gags (For free) and posting on his lovely site. Go. Laugh. And, dave, .. I'm sorry I missed the show @newtown, it was a just-back-from-South -America fuzzy headed week. Looked forward to catching up when I manange to escape the gravitational pull of the city of churches.

And while I'm on saying hello to real actual people and not just crapping on about Daryl Sommers... big ups to Miss D... yep, still here, will be back in the big smoke.. sometime.. I hope. And in response to my matey mistress J.. hows this for, like, virtual dialogue. I just went and did me some learnin' about your friend and mine, Mr Leonard Cohen. Check this. (from Wikipedia)
His father's will provided Leonard with a modest trust income, sufficient to allow him to freely pursue his literary ambitions for some time without risking economic ruin. Cohen idealized his father and his death threw him into a deep depression. As he grew older he began taking the then legal drug LSD as a treatment. Cohen has said that he believes the drug opened his awareness to the "hypocrisy" and "self-delusion" that are "common traits of humanity," ideas which are prominent themes in his songs.
In 2001, following five years' seclusion as a zen Buddhist monk at the Mount Baldy Zen Center, Cohen returned to music with Ten New Songs, ...
Great post there on Wiki, and shows awesome things can come from people who debated in high school.

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J said...

Well spotted girl! Was an interesting entry on Wiki, just had a gander. Hows that Adelaide treating ya anyways? Hope you're not being too 'intense and warped' (was that the quote??) for the locals..! :)