1 June 2006

Are we there yet?

Ross Gittins points out that a growing economy is not the only indicator of national well being.

The bureau's figures show that, over the nine years to 2003-04, the average weekly income of the poorest fifth of families rose by 22 per cent in real terms. The middle fifth saw their incomes rise by a fraction less than 22 per cent while the richest fifth got an increase of 19 per cent.

Fully 14 per cent of mothers and 9 per cent of fathers in couple families report high or very high psychological distress. For lone mothers it's 24 per cent. About 18 per cent of children - more than 600,000 - live without an employed parent.

Over the past 10 years, the number of bird and mammal species listed as extinct, endangered or vulnerable rose from 120 to 169. Over the decade to 2003, the rate of land clearance fell by 38 per cent, so that we now clear a mere 283,000 hectares a year, half of it in Queensland.
Although on the upside, Lee Tulloch of The(sydney)magazine June06, lets us in on the secret to eternal happiness: its a GHD hairstyling iron. RRP $255. Her "thick, erratically wavy hair is tamed in a breeze without having to lift weights at the gym to get her arms into shape". Ah, how I love this town.


Betty Sue said...

I used to like Lee Tulloch before she started writing that stupid column.

My colleague can't understand how I'm not bored and miserable because I don't watch TV or go shopping. She doesn't quite get that I'm happy because I don't have a TV or go shopping. Those things make me unhappy, therefore I don't do them.

Betty Sue said...

PS - you are taking this 'political blogger' thing seriously, aren't you!

BSharp said...

Noooo! Just spending a lot of time at home. And stealing your traditional turf of that scary magazine. Sorry.

Soon I shall have to step off the high moral ground - may have to get around to that planned archival project of start documenting all of Val Kilmer's 17 sexy smiles in "Willow" for internet posterity.

mermaidgrrrl said...

Lee Tulloch and I could be twins. I also measure my quality of life on how tamed my hair is.