4 June 2006

Weekend Quote

So there we were, in a pub strategically named after a piece of local government infrastructure formerly in the vicinity. It was about 3.45am. I was sitting with the lovely Miss M, with the long blonde locks. The lights in this fine establishment are brighter than in the old days, but they still turn them up a bit more when its about time to go.

At this point, an older gentleman, about 5ft 5, ambled up to us, and in a soft irish brogue said "gargle snel irl'be nice me jinners". Pardon? "Oh, needle be sivving gryne ee me hyhdle names Brian". Well good evening Brian. Beatific smile from our wee man. Have an nice night Brian, and a good weekend. Brian ambles off.

Take two: Tall, young-ish, perhaps uni post-grad, bops up towards our post by the wall. Does the little choo-choo train arms dance for sec, looks at me, looks at Miss M, smiles, raises eyebrows, then jauntily cocks head towards the door. We look slightly mistified. The bouncer is making the first polite round-up of the punters. This fellow boogies a little more then, with total composure, drops the line, "C'mon, ladies. Hurry up." Miss M and Aunty B can no longer handle it and collapse laughing, and have to hold onto each other, wiping away the tears. Valiant effort, dancing boy.


J said...

I do love the little piston arm dance. Lap it up I say, when they get older they resort to saddy eyes as if maybe you will do the asking if they plead silently enough. The dance and eyebrow raise is at least more forthcoming and kind of funny.
PS was he cute?? You do know that you have single friends, non?

Bety Sue said...

I was out with two blond-locked friends once, and some guy tried to pick us up by thumping his fist on our table, then slowly opening it to reveal a rubber cockroach. He was distressed that we didn't shriek girlishly; rather, one blond said, "I've seen bigger"; and the other replied "and I'm not just talking about the roach either"