20 June 2006

Lies damned lies

.. and statistics. Yes I have fallen. Sucked into the vortex of statcounter. But I have paid Karmic penance for the addiction. The only search that has appeared more than once and brought readers here is "bec and leyton hewitt". Or "leyton hewitt pics". Oh the humanity. As mermaidgrrl aptly puts it they're like Australia's number one Arayan pin-up kids.

Hello tabloid fans.. not much celebity gossip here, sorry. Except maybe about Harry Kewell. What was that altercation with the ref after the Brazil game? Keep your hair on Harry. Us aussie chicks and nary a few blokes are hanging to see you play again - and a charge of "professional misconduct" might keep those toned thighs relegated to the bench for the Croatia match.

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J said...

Oh well, I dabbled in statcounting and it f'ed up my whole template so I ditched the idea and am now becoming very zen about embracing the not knowing. Perhaps my imaginary concierge could add stat counting code to my blog after making me chocolate cake, giving me a foot rub and putting out the garbage? Oops, sounds like an imaginary husband now!!