19 June 2006

Oh well

Nice try boys. another late night lined up to see the Croatia match now. Hi Johnno and Toby if you check in tomorrow!


Betty Sue said...

OK, I may be wrong here, because I am not a footballing tragic, only a world cup bandwagin jumper, however...

Brazil will beat Japan, right?
Which makes the tally:
AU W1 L1 D0
BZ W3 L0 D0
CR W0 L1 D1
JP W0 L2 D1

So if we win or draw against Croatia, we go through? Cos it's then...
BZ W3 L0 D0
AU W1 L1 D1
CR W0 L1 D2
JP W0 L2 D1

BZ W3 L0 D0
AU W2 L1 D0
CR W0 L2 D1
JP W0 L2 D1

Please tell me I'm right...

BSharp said...

Wow looks like some magic alchemy for a spell. I think the "pundits" are saying draw is needed, win is better. only just getting the hang of the whole points system myself. Definitely a bandwagonsit over here.