28 February 2005

Miranda Divine is a shreiking harpy.

And taking the easy route on reporting on a big issue. Again. Here is a blog rebutting her stoopid article on Kyoto from the weekend. ps - Tim Lambert? If you have a sophisticated ping when ever someone links, hi - are you from Adelaide?

And just quitely. Say, just for a moment that the greenhouse sceptics are right. All those hundreds of climate scientists have been under the influence of some kind of paranoia-drug released into the water supply by evil, green activists. I still don't get it. Why do writers like Miraaanda freak out so much at the simple idea that we should, er, perhaps cut back on emitting any substance in volumes many times the natural concentration?

I'm sure she wouldn't like it if I came and sprayed, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, or hell, even sodium bicarbonate in large doses in her living room. Its just not nice. So why is she so incredibly keen to defend these whole industries or governments who are just not being nice. Did she not listen to her nanna as a child?

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