28 February 2005

It was a riot, baby.

For the last couple of nights there has been riots in Macquarie Fields. Petrol bombs, the lot. Although my guess is that by tonight there will be about as many media people there as those spoiling for a punch up. Graffiti appearing in the last couple of days reads "Police will die", "Cops kill kids", and "We will kill you dogs". NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney is a tad riled by the sounds of it, saying "I've been a police officer for 40 years and have never seen these sorts of slogans written on walls at any time in this state".

A few months back there were riots in Redfern. Something's up in Sydney, my friends. Other cities don't have riots every few months.

I don't reckon having our cops slinking around in paramilitary get-up really helps the situation just quietly.

In other news, the Princess Mary beat Prince Frederick in a yacht race. And Pauline Hanson is now going to be a real estate agent.

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