20 February 2005

Well after a shout-out like that.. who could say no?

Trouble is I haven' t had a great deal to say that is very blogworthy. You may be interested in my agonising train ride down from the blue mountains tonight. In the pouring rain.

Starts with a fit young Australian several seats back calling a friend to tell him about his party weekend. "yeah we were drinking home made rum. 60% proof, man." "I've been out all night, man. Crashed out at 5 am. Got up again at 6.30." "Yeah - 60 % proof, man". "We left the club at 4" "It was full of Uni students, it was great, they were all on E". "Yeh man, even the bouncer, he got up on a table and stripped" "Yeh he was dealing it, man".

Know why I know it word-for-word? because after 15 minutes of this he rang another friend - and told him the whole thing, *exactly the same*. It was mind-numbingly excruitiatingly, upholstery chewing- boring. Although the old gent next to me did start making jokes about it which was pretty funny. Luckily his phone ran out of battery before we could take bets on how many times he'd tell the story.

Then there was the dad in jogging gear giving life advice to the 11yr old son, talking to him like a an adult mate at the pub, taking a phonecall from the partner apparently, and complaining about fighting with the (presumably) kids' mum. With girlfriend (apparently) getting a mouthful of exasperated frusted man-talk, and hanging up.

Then there was the guy with the manky leg and swaying walk at Central, yelling at his (presumably, again) girlfriend about her weight, in an tremolo voice... "huge.. look at you.. you're Huuge".

Oh yes, all the freaks were out tonight. Must be the rain. I did get some knitting done though.

Sayonara, good night.

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