20 February 2005

Things that made Aunty B cry big hot lumpen tears last week

Yours truly, bunker dwelling, Aunty B apolgises for oscillating between girly navel gazing of the variety to paraphrase one Padriac McGuinness talk of "kittens, hair and their knickers and such" and wanting to howl at the eyeball melting horrors of the world seen nightly these days.

Upon watching a doco on ballsy brave German doctors taking documentary evidence of radiation poisoning because of shells used by Nato in Bosnia, and in both Gulf Wars.

There some info here on wikipedia. Its pretty grusome. Basically weapons with depleted uraninum create a nice big bang. However, it's now certain the leaking radiation from spent shells mutuates genetic material for generations, but they're left lying around on battlefields, in populated areas and near food stores, and in one instance an ice factory. And of course vehermently denied to be a health risk.

But it wasn't the numbers that did it - it was the photo album that the female pediatrician in Baghdad was keeping with pages and pages of misshapen, almost unrecognisable bundles of flesh still-born there in the last year. And hearing that the mothers were often blamed and divorced.

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