19 June 2005

When spin goes mad

A quick update from Sydney media slut. Sometimes spin doctoring is just so over the tops its laughable. Under the heading of "13 detainees slash wrists at Villawood" comes this gem from Mandy Vanstone:

A Department of Immigration spokesman confirmed a "small group" of people had "self harmed" inside the detention centre, but refused to say how many or how seriously they were injured.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said: "Self harm is not a form of protest the Government condones. I urge anyone - media, advocates and others - not to encourage such protests.

A form of protest the government condones??! Well DUR.. that's because its a protest against government actions. And a pretty damned serious one at that. So her media monkeys get her to responds by telling us to only select "government approved" forms of protest?.. get me off this terrible island.

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