12 June 2005

your world news update

Hi homies,

Well looks like things are calming down a bit in bolivia. Which is nice to hear. Although I'm not too sure about this new president dude, Rodriguez,

Also, let us be capable of discussing the issue of natural energy resources and their effective ownership by the Republic of Bolivia. The constitution states that the resources are originally owned by the state. Nothing has changed.

What has changed is the way to manage them, and it is Congress and the legislative branch which must be capable on this opportunity, or in its reviewed capacity following an electoral process, or when the most opportune moment occurs, to solve all the difficulties and render effective that constitutional principle, and a better way to recover what nature and God gave this country.

Que? If thats not a bit of governmentese double speak I don't know what is.

Meanwhile on the home front
.. some statesman in a farflung province of Eastern Australia is going to build some a gas power plant or two. But there's also a trial on for increasing the cost of energy in peak times, which is eventually good for reducing emissions because it controls the amount of new supply you need. Although at a rate of 12% of homes in 5 years, mind you.

And finally, Garret gets a sound bite into the press about nuclear power still being a fairly crap idea. Thank god - although it was Sunday night of a long weekend. Did someone say global warming?


meririsa said...

I was eating out at a dinner recently when I overheard someone regurgitate what was probably someone else's opinion: "...actually when you think about it, nuclear power isn't a bad option in terms of CO2 emissions...". I had to remind them about that small problem of radioactive waste... how easily do people forget that little issue? is it because radiation is invisible?? Perhaps we should send out the pollies to the Maralinga site so they can see what effects the nuclear tests had on the sparse populations there...

BSharp said...

Man talk about a can o worms. I have had several simliar experiences where all of a sudden nuclear is A.O.K.

Like as if some clever boffins worked out how to reduce the half life of uranium in the last couple of years. I think it s abit more sinister than it being invisible. Kind of makes me think noone actually understood about radioactive decay and half lives, and it was a bunch of persitant images of deaths heads and wally protesteors lying in the road all the time that made most associate nuclear with death, and the bomb, without ever really getting the bit about it persisting in teh environment.

Someone has pulled a swiftie in the energy industry, because at the same time, renewable energy, that was slowly gaining respectability, is now somehow trivial. More on this later. A big long nerdy post approaching. (possibly a few weeks away)

I have many thoughts on the issue - the main on being that we have very small brains and can only hold one or 2 ideas at a time. At the moment it is "CO2 - ooh bad, effects the whole world" - vs. "hm. radiation, also bad but only in one little country and probably an eastern block one anyway, because nice new expensive shiny metal drums in Australia can contain anything icky we produce in little teensy eensy rods, not like a nasty eeevil poisonous gas, that is heating up the *whole planet*".

And what I want to say is ... THE THIRD WAY PEOPLE! THE THIRD WAY. There are zero pollution technologies out there. ITS NOT THAT HARD......

meririsa said...

Did you see the show on SBS last night after Insight? Now I am even unclearer about this whole issue.