21 June 2005

Scary scary monsters

I had a dream in the early hours of this morning. In it, there was a large airport terminal where someone had planted a bomb inside. I started to run outside at full speed. Then I stopped, because a former work-mate was inside. I turned back, went into the back area of the airport to look for her. It turned out John Howard was inside, he was walking on top of a very high ledge that ran round the inside of a large and shadowy room (approaching hangar dimensions). John Howard was trying to get me out of there or attack me or something, and then he jumped on my head. I remember a very vivid feeling of his ankles on on either side of my ears- I was standing up, it was a bit like an acrobat balancing act. He was clamped on and I started to panic and try to beat him off with my hands, as I was trapped and held down. Just as the terror really started to kick in, I woke up.


Zataod said...

I enjoyed your dream.

Is it okay to add your dream to my collection at 365 Dreams?


BSharp said...

Er,sure dude. You may or may not know that John Howard is the Prime Minister of Australia. He has been called "George Bush's Deputy", and he maintains some very unpleasant policy including mandatory detention for asylum seekers/refugees.

meririsa said...

Dear BSharp, your dream is speaking to you strongly:

If you don't leave this island soon, Johny Howard is going to oppress you with AWA's, and goodness knows what else will happen. Don't stop even for the work mates you leave behind!! Moral is to be alert, not alarmed.



Zataod said...

Thanks, bsharp. I'll post it the morning of 7/4/2005.