27 June 2005

Faces from the past

This is my grandmonther's mother (on Dad's side). She was born around 1890. Spooky huh?


Anonymous said...

She looks like a straightforward, up front sheila with a bit of dreamer thrown in to boot. What a family treasure to come by!

meririsa said...

Funny you should be posting this, as I have just been taking interest in my Pa's extraordinary genealogy exploits for the first time, now that he's starting to put together stories that interest me - my paternal grandma, for instance, hopped on a boat from England to Australia all on her lonesome at the ripe old age of 11, and apparently gradually severed her ties with her family "back home", but Pa has possibly located his half-Aunts and Uncles. I think he should rent himself out as a private detective specialising in long lost families!
The story behind the picture can be facinating, but then sometimes only amounts to: b 1867, m 1890 to William Robert Throppington, d 1892, 1 child William Andrew Throppington!!