25 June 2005

And for the boys

In Toronto there's a gorgeous new statue commemorating Alexander Wood, depicting a 19th century "sex" scandal . Our Alex was a well respected magistrate unitl 1810, when

A woman reported a rape, noting she had scratched the attacker on his genitals. Wood took matters into his own hands, lining up the suspects and demanding that they drop their pants so he could "inspect" them.

The incident is commemorated on the statue's granite base, with a bronze plaque depicting a man's rear end with his pants around his knees, and Wood's outstretched hand in mid-examination.

Sounds like an initiative worthy of CSI 200 years later to me, but sadly Mr Wood was too forward thinking for his time, and was run out of town because people though he was interested in those men in a more than a professional capacity. Sounds like the Newtown police could take a tip from old Alex in how to catch a criminal....

The upside of the story is that the locals have been rubbing the bare bum on the statue for good luck.

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