16 June 2005

for the ladiez

Hey y'all.. I've recently had a review of my last coupla months of blogging (yes okay, Aunty B pretends to have a real life but actually its all a carefully constructed ruse) and it struck me that recent posts have been rather, well, overtly, er, hetro. And frankly, that was a bit of shock, to have come over all exclusionary. So in humble tribute to our mighty sapphic sisters* Aunty B brings you a small piece of reporting from the cutting edge world of Science.

You may have noticed a recent snippet in your daily rag loudly dictating that the female ability to orgasm could be genetically inherited. Read the fine print:

The discovery of a genetic basis for the ability of women to orgasm raises questions about its evolution. One theory is that it is a tool for mate selection, the idea being that males best able to bring females to orgasm are also the best males to help raise children. Another is that the female orgasm produces movements that increase sperm uptake, and therefore fertility.

But studies of other primates suggest otherwise. Female stump-tailed macaques have orgasms too - but mainly during female-female mountings, which hardly supports the fertility or mate-selection idea.


meririsa said...

Dang - that article was going to be my next blog! Interesting that someone has surveyed a large sample of women and asked them how they best orgasm. Saves me having to ask embarrassing questions to find out where I fit in the social curve... (given I don't get to do research first-hand).
Do you think this might result in more realistic sex scenes in the film world? (I know the answer - don't bother...)

BSharp said...
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BSharp said...

Ah ha the elusive "white horse".. I posit the theory that she is just a pernickity beastie that gallops in and out of life in tune with the tides, the moon and or at the whim of some saucy forest sprite.

But its just always just so hilarious when acadmics study sexy things.

Don't worry meririsa, I can't even say the word orgasm let alone ask about it..it comes out kind of like a glottal stop with the first syllable missing.. sort of a "..'gusm".

But I do leerve the sounds of the word "stump-tailed macacque" try saying it.. all those lovely hard consonsants.. mixed with nassal vowels. Ooh a new word.. and a zoological one at that... its the sexiest part of that whole article!

(previous deletion due to spelling errors, not some regrettable revelatory post)