7 January 2005

True story.

Tuesday night, my first night back after 2 weeks schlepping around the south east coast. I've got into the house midday and had a shower, tidied up, checked in with the girl possie, put my washing on, had a nap. Happily wrapped in my cosy blue nanna dressing gown, I settled into the couch for a bit of teev at about 8.30.

Avidly watched the sbs world news to find out what's happening in the region. Then was mildy pleased to see our Ms Greer appear on the screens, hosting the video-doco version of "The Boy", which turns out not to be a pervy old middle-aged foray into adolescent sexuality but instead quite a considered and conservative critique of art in the 16th/17th century (as far as I can tell, I don't know much about art..etc).

I'm actually enjoying the intellectual side of it, been watching for about an hour when my housemate, redleadership, appears. So he walks into the room for a greeting, just when Germain is commentating on the long history of "the gaze" in art, and exploring it for the viewer in modern times.

She's opened the show with a glamour photo shoot for cosmo of this rather husky young 18 yr old bloke with the pre-requisite six pack, wavy dark hair and faded demin, etc. She's been making quite a compelling argument towards nude young men in art being a celebration of form and not blatantly homosexual, throughout the show. She's shown Raphelite art, Michelangelo and a host of renaissance paintings and sculpture so far. But of course just when my housie walks in the room (about 40mins into the show), there's the same teen model, posing for a group of middle aged painters, sans pants, glorious todger in full view, in the most lurid pose I've ever seen for a life drawing class.

And there's me on the couch in dressing gown, freshly outta the shower. Nice.

While redleadership is trying to catch up and chat, I'm kinda trying to keep up with the commentary around his shoulder .. at which point he turns around and cops an eyeful of the "old birds" enjoying "art" and in his eyes, me, checking out nudie boys when no-one's home.

So while I don't do the banter justice now it has come up as a topic of conversation twice at dinner with friends. Sadly, the art-lover defence just doesn't cut it. I even tried to give him a synopsis of the show up to that point..but alas.. he was not convinced. Let this be a warning to you fellow serious young insects!

Aunty B signs off from the world o' (f)art .

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