12 January 2005

Greer escapes from reality TV

Hey thanks for the link. But how depressing, that 30+ years after her crazy mags and super books torpedoing into the public domain, some English twats promoting a special brand of mass media humilation seem to have put one over our gutsy first lady of being smart and disagreeing with the mainstream. See the thing about Germain is she's rooly FUNNY. Why do the brits not seem to get that, and they have to punish her? The sperm comment was hilarious, the Cleo lady she was talking to was giggling.

Check these quotes:

The professor of English literature at England's Warwick University wrote in 2001 that watching Big Brother was "about as dignified as looking through the keyhole in your teenage child's bedroom door" and getting hooked on it was "downright depraved".

The beginning of the end may have been the medieval role-playing the housemates had to act out in the last two days in which Greer was the cook and was involved in petulant spats with Nielsen over who ran the kitchen.

"Germaine is off a bit, but the rest of the group is having fun, we're a real team," Nielsen said.

Greer revived her firebrand bra burning days when she tried to lead a revolt against Big Brother, but failed to convince her housemates to stage a naked sit down protest.

Man I wish she'd got the sit down protest going. Just goes to prove my theory that Big Brother has exactly the same effect on people as in "real life" oppresive control. Ordinary and even smart people behave as if it matters if you do what some disembodied voice says even though you are clearly on a make-believe set full of windows and trick doors and god knows what, designed solely to get advertising and money from sms. Bummer hey.

Oh and great discussion M Risa and Dr D, keep it up! (I'm almost embarassed that my main motivation for that last post was a cheap laugh at willies and yr lonely author being a kind of inverse howard hughes).

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