3 October 2006

The kids are alright pt 2

The other thing that happened with youngsters last week was a Tuesday night party in the flat next to mine. It started at 10pm just as I was logging off the computer (my sole source of electronic entertainment by the way*). Tuesday night parties just scream "hospitality industry" to me and I thought, oh god, here we go, a whole summer listening to speed freaks playing hard house at 2 am on weeknights.

What in fact happened was there was much stomping up and down the stairs, and when the door opening an intensely loud blast of "ROCKET- yeah, satellite of love.." poured out through the walls of my flat. Bwahahaha. That's not .. it can't be.. Def Leppard? I got in the shower, and when I got out some other guest arrived, door must be oppening to the shared corridor again "POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME.. (in the name of love)". Yep. Dep Leppard. Hilarious. It was a glam rock bonanza for about the next hour.

As I tucked myself up with a novel there were more beautiful hits like "Time After Time" by Cindy Lauper and "Sussudio" by Phil Collins. WTF? These kids look about 23 - those songs were ancient when was 18 for gawds sake, what is the world coming to? I just popped the old ear plugs in and dozed off chuckling. Although if next time its Ronnie Size I'm calling the cops.

* well electronic from the mains anyway.. heheheh


El Bizarro said...

Bring on the speed freaks playing hard dub at 2am but if there's a repeat of this eighties nonsense, I think I might have to take matters into my own hands and smash their music playing thingmy with a club.

Betty Sue said...

Face it B, you are now so old enough that the kids are having theme parties based on your youth. :)

J said...

I wish there were any parties in my block at all - I would shamelessly crash them. Unless they were playing Phil Collins - because you know what? Whatever age, whatever theme, that's just not nice. Yick.