31 October 2006

Stuck in the cell

Extracts from an article on the newest fad of "torque-ing" from New Matilda.

'We were flying blind, really,’ says Dr Grevious T Wishbone, Berkeley-based information theorist and former bassist for the Grateful Dead. He may well be the first person in the world who ‘torqued’ when he and three colleagues gathered at a San Francisco juice bar and shockingly turned off their laptops.

We’re speaking on the phone — a popular torque-ing plug-in — and Wishbone remembers that his first contribution was a three-minute piece on why he didn’t like George W Bush, and did like Mission Impossible II. ‘All the time I was thinking “but there’s no record of this! What if someone in Toronto wants to know that I’m irritated by razor scooters?” And then my friend said something, so I had to “listen” and “pay attention” [two software extras developed in the wake of the torque-ing revolution] to him.’

Nb. I saved this as a draft to blogger a couple of days ago when I was chained to the desk working solo into the night (as I am now). But today I got two invitations to two seperate company's christmas parties! An unexpected benefit of visiting more than one workplace. Yippee. I'm going to go to both.


Betty Sue said...

Thanks! Now I feel like an idiot for signing up for NaBloPoMo. :)

BSharp said...

Nooo.. I thinkg posting every day is a month is cool. I'll be reading every day. We're a blogging posse of real people, who do actually talk too. So thats ok. We're exempt from parody.