5 October 2006

High on Iron

This morning's breaking news on the ABC website is that Pie Company Mrs Mac calls for a new law to increase the percentage of real meat in pies. Yup, that's the urgent need for changes to Aussie legislation. Our refugee laws, our climate change response, our stupid terrorism measures . . just fine. Bring on the meat. Just so you're fully up to date, the call is for:
"meat in a meat pie to be defined as "real meat" or flesh attached to bone." because "At the moment the Australian icon only has to include 25 per cent "meat" and meat is defined as any body part from a range of animals including goats, deer, camel and even buffalo or rabbit."
If there's anyone reading this from overseas, feel free to laugh at my island nation right about now. Athough Mrs Mac does do a nice "beef" pie mind you.


Bizarro said...


Just kidding, it's my country too, at least part of the time.

I find it funny that people are getting their knickers in a twist that the definition of meat extends to "goats, deer, camel and even buffalo or rabbit". Aren't these all meat after all? I would prefer to be tucking into a deer, camel (mmmm) buffalo or rabbit pie, as at least the ecological footprint of these animals is smaller than your average cow. In the case of rabbits, it could almost be considered national service to eat them, given what a pest they are.

But then, the whole thing is based on blinkered 1 dimensional thinking so it's not surprise really. Quite emblematic of our beloved patria in these troubled times.

betty sue said...

Do you not remember about 10 years ago when they upgraded it from 10%? I think that was around the time of mad cow, when they found the other 90% included nerve endings and spinal cord.

When I was a kid, the bakery in my small town was shut down by the health inspector for a time, because they were buying tinned dog food in bulk and putting it in the pies. The concern was not so much for the quality of the meat in the dog food, but because dog food has addictive drugs in it to make the dog brand-loyal.

Bsharp said...

Betty Sue,
That is DISGUSTING. That is so wrong I am thinking of calling *dwarf* on you.. because I mean, like, really? That sounds like something out of a Nick Cave novel, but then he did come from country Victoria.

Betty Sue said...

True as you live, baby. Unfortunately it happened before the internet, so I can't post a link to verify it.

The drug thing is why they stamp the cans 'pet food only' - I have heard (possible urban myths) of pensioners getting addicted to pet meat because it's cheap

Betty Sue said...

WHat's in your kebab?