10 October 2006

Astro down under

Astrobarry is coming to Australia, from, like, this Friday. OMG! MissJ got me on to his freakily prescient horoscopes. I love them not for some cosmic vibe that he is tapping into to predict the future, but because he retells myth, stories and narrative. I think I'd be happy to pick any sign and follow it (especially as he has been nagging me incessently recently about "breaking free"). Anyway, so its like $145 to see him in person -- whoa -- but, that's like a posh salon hair cut with foils and a blow dry. It'd be a wacky experience - seeing as I don't actually believe in astrology but just like good stories.

1 comment:

J said...

he is so nagging us to find out our life purpose and quit getting distracted by the um, distractions, this week. Ok already AtroBaz - I get it!