28 October 2006

Nick Cave

I clearly need to have a bi-annual top-up of hearing several hours' worth of my favourite artist. So right now I'm charging up some obscure battery stored in the hypothalamus which runs on dark urban mythology, messy passion and a bass voice. But there is a double purpose, because at the same time I'm compiling a Nick Cave intro CD for my friend, Lou, who has a deep love of both Sisters of Mercy and AC/DC. Of course, is very important that this CD contains a selection of songs from a good scope of albums in chronological order. Now it's a personal belief that one should be a little careful of normal sensitivities when pushing new music, and not push the unlistenable stuff. So for a true purist, a couple of tracks off From Her to Eternity* should go first. And my personal faves are From Her to Eternity and Wings off Flies (he loves me, he loves me.. not). But I'm thinking: too difficult. Too much for somone who might not even know The Ship Song (she's Scottish).

So anyone, thoughts? ** And, Read, you know that means you. Is it better to blast someone into the hardest most challenging part of a new world, or just reveal a little at a time? Actually I should rephrase that as I already have an opionion on what's better.

Do you prefer to unload all both barrels right from the start, or just let fly with a warning shot over the bow first? Take your new lover to a full blown bondage club or just bring out the fluffy toy cuffs when you're alone? Hit your audience with the full force of climate change disaster predictions, or just talk about efficient lightglobes?

* Yes, I've got Door Door and Birthday Party Hits albums from pre-Bad Seeds era, but that's just excessive.
** Any new readers especially welcome

Oh and while I've got the playlist set up, anyone else want a copy of a Nick Cave Retrospective, Aunty B style? [I.e. enough songs to make you sick] Be cool if you could burn something for me in return..

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J said...

I'd llike one - and if you're lucky in return I'll make you a cd that's not all in-bred country and gospel from 1938.. any requests??