4 October 2006

They're coming to get you..

What time in Australian history might you find public opinion pieces talking about "the fangs of the left" . . . "it became the height of intellectual sophistication to believe that people in the West were no less oppressed than people under communist dictatorship." . . ."the world would luckily see the emergence of three remarkable individuals whose moral clarity punctured such nonsense: Ronald Reagan; Margaret Thatcher; and Pope John Paul II." and that "we should not underestimate the degree to which the soft left still holds sway, especially in Australia's universities, by virtue of its long march through the institutions."

During the cold war perhaps? Or maybe - in this morning's newspaper written by our own Prime Minister. I'm frightened. No really, I'm not just trying to be funny.

But it kind of falls into place that his over-riding world view is that of the cold war. Looks to Aunty B like he simply can't imagine a different kind of world to one where there is one bad ideology (commie-terrorist) and one good ideology (capitalist-the "free world") and that the two will forever be locked in a bloody battle to the death. No room for an imperfect world where we try to make the best chances for everyone.

Maybe thats why we give people a "prize" of $4,000 when they have a kid - rather than than produce good tax-funded child care and maternity leave conditions for everyone. Well done - little breeding working person! Congratulations for giving birth in the right country at the right part of century, under our political ideology. You want to spend it on drugs or a new car? Well that's ok because you live in the free world and have just exactly the same opportunity as anyone else to live by your own choices. Off you go now.


Betty Sue said...

I plan to spend my baby bonus (should I ever get one) on taking out an ad in a major newspaper calling for proper paid maternity leave.

I love the idea of 'fangs of the soft left' - makes me feel I am a sweet little kitten who gives sudden sharp bites. Raow!

But seriously folks... this is hypocrisy and hyperbole. To steal back his quote from George Orwell, only a member of the political classes could believe the nonsense we are free - every ordinary (wo)man knows we are more enslaved than ever - and worse, we are enslaving ourselves by our complicity.

BSharp said...

Cluuuck cluck cluck cluck. ;-)

Betty Sue said...

You are so in denial, Sharp

bsharp said...

Heheheh. Goood fishing today. Oh you know I'm all in favour of pram-activists (Practivist? Prammyvist?)

meririsa said...

Just think what the fed govt could do if they weren't spending money on people getting tax deductions for driving cars to work... For a govt that wants to increase birth rate they ahve strange way of showing it. Ditto with state govt for running down schools and health services.